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Send Snail Mail Fast and Easy 
From Your Computer

5 Simple Steps

1. Select PDF

2. Enter Recipient Address

3. Add Signature (Optional)

4. Pay

5. Get Notified when Letter was Printed & Dispatched

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Add your Handwritten Signature

Sign using your Smartphone

Using the AndroidiOS, and Windows Phone companion apps, you can easily create a signature on your smartphone screen.

Choose from 23 Printing Locations

Mils Printing Network

23 printing partners in 23 different countries guarantee lightning speed postal delivery.

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Pay per Letter

Pay as you Go

Pay for the service as you go. Only for the letters you really send. No need to deposit cash.

Sendingpage to


EUR 3,99

Mils allows you to send any pdf file as a real letter. Thus, you can send snail mail fast and easy from your computer. Mils is the only app that allows you to send snail mail online and pay per letter easily via credit card. Use mils to send a letter online!